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Monitoring era "came down in a controversy


Boston suffered a series of bomb attacks on April 15, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 18 days from the thousands of surveillance video from the streets to find and announced a 30-second video of the two suspects. This modern society with the suspects clear message "wanted" Now in Boston and the nation and even the world spread open to let the suspects eventually have no place to hide.

This terrorist bombings in just four days, the U.S. police successfully arrested the two suspects, city surveillance camera system has obviously played a key role. United States, Germany, Russia and other countries have said that most of the government departments will strengthen the city's DVR surveillance system of public places. Since the inception of the city monitoring system, many large cities are increasingly dependent on the modern tools to combat crime, the response to the riots, or even prevent corruption, and the ubiquitous camera so that people complain about "personal privacy".
Can automatically identify facial feature

To get the best experience from the Boston bombings? Is to install some surveillance cameras. "Boston Globe" on the 20th the police quickly cracked marathon bombings issue such a feeling. If there are no surveillance weatherproof security cameras across the street, the police is impossible in just four days, caught the suspect, which fully shows the importance of surveillance cameras to solve the case. The article said that can be imagined, after the Big Bang, the Boston police will be updated and enhanced street surveillance cameras, which not only can do afterwards to help analyze and identify the suspects before the incident reminded monitoring is taking place under the lens some unusual behavior. If the camera works, originally due to be noticed the suspects lay down the suspicious backpack. The article said that any time surveillance cameras monitoring the course a bit disturbing, but life and bomb threat at any time, what did it matter?

U.S. law allowed in public places to install monitoring equipment, monitoring without the permission of the person being monitored, only in certain reasonable area, bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and other places have the right to privacy protected, but in public places personal privacy protection in law is still blank. Camera in American popular mainly due to the "9.11", the name of anti-terrorism installed a large number of cameras, alone in New York's Times Square, this "tiny" camera monitor from different angles up to 11.

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security to allocate large sums of money, a large number of new monitoring system installed throughout the country to step up. According to U.S. media reports, the U.S. National Security Bureau has so far allocated over one billion U.S. dollars of funds for the installation of cameras in public places around town, not including private cheap dome security cameras installed in shops and other places.
In fact, as early as before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, some of the major cities in the United States in order to prevent crime and to strengthen anti-terrorism, began to have additional surveillance cameras. In Philadelphia, since the police according to the clues provided by the camera captured a murderer, the city law and order, the growing dependence of the camera. Although the United States requests for additional camera more and more voices, but the camera itself had been no preventive function, it captured screen can not immediately connected with the database records of terrorist suspects.

In recent years, the General Electric Company has developed a new generation of smart cameras, this camera can automatically identify terrorists hiding bombs, and timely warning. Even if the bombs terrorists cleverly disguised, the new camera can automatically identify. With specially designed software, the camera can also shoot pedestrians facial features, even pedestrians facial expressions, and synthetic comparison, and thus identify potential terrorists.


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